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Of Companies Use Content Marketing in Brazil


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A survey carried out by the content marketing company Rock Content – which has more than 2,000 Brazilian professionals from different market niches such as Marketing, IT, Consulting, Education and E-commerce – pointed out in a recently presented study that 69% of companies in the Brasil uses content marketing to generate brand awareness and build customer loyalty. How is  Content Marketing  in Brazil ? In an attempt to find an answer to this question, Rock Content investigated the budget of several Brazilian companies, more precisely the slice of the budget dedicated to the production of content with the aim of promoting it. 

What the numbers say about content marketing in Brazil Comparing the 69% referring to Brazil with the 93% achieved by the USA , it is possible to notice a great difference between the implementation of strategies of this kind between the two countries. In this investigation, the United States was often considered as a point of reference, given that the B2B Email List marketing market is better developed there. The survey finds that, despite increasing investment in Content Marketing, such investments are still timid in Brazil . Among the data collected by the Rock Content study , only 31% of companies dedicated more than 25% of their budget to their content. 

However among respondents, up to 70% of companies indicated their intention to increase their content budget for 2016. In turn, 77% of organizations have a defined content marketing strategy. The number is immediately shaken by the conclusion that only 40% of those 77% bother to document their strategy. A positive point, however, is that 57% of participating companies confirmed that they have at least 2 people focused on content production. With regard to the communication vehicle used to promote and disseminate the content, the study confirmed that the most popular tools are Social Networks (91%), followed further by Corporate Blogs (61%) and, finally, by Newsletters (52%). 

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