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How To Prepare For Black Friday 2022 Complete Checklist


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According to data from the company Neotrust, on Black Friday 2021 there was a 6% increase in digital sales compared to the previous year (2020), meaning revenues of BRL 4.18 billion in e-commerce . This increase also resulted in the value of the average ticket, which rose. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were also not left behind. According to a survey carried out by NuvemShop, a 13% increase in revenue was observed in the sector and the average ticket also increased, going from . Based on these data, we can already predict that Black Friday 2022 will probably not have such a different scenario, as market sectors have been gradually recovering from the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

With that in mind Leadster has prepared this complete article for your company on how to prepare for Black Friday 2022. Follow the text to learn more! When is Black Friday 2022? When is Black Friday Black Friday always takes place on the last Friday of November . This is because in the United States, where the event was created, Black Friday must be on the Friday after Thanksgiving a holiday Whatsapp Number List celebrated on the last Thursday of November. And this year would be no different, Black Friday 2022 will take place on. How to Choose a Product Portfolio for How to Choose a Product Portfolio for Black Friday 2022 One of the challenges for companies at this time of year is to define which products will be advertised on Black Friday , after all, the key point is to increase sales , giving discounts, but without causing any damage.


That said think about those products that are out of stock or that have little output ; you can also take advantage of giving greater discounts on lower-cost items , as a strategy to reach new customers; finally, also think about cross-selling – a way of selling complementary products to increase your average ticket. But, stay tuned, regardless of the product or service offered, always check your stock beforehand and prepare for high demand. Check out this Exclusive Checklist to Rock your Black Friday 2022 Check out this Exclusive Checklist to Rock your Black Friday 2022 Now that you have the basic information for the event, let's go to Leadster's checklist on how to prepare for Black Friday Know what to do at every moment.

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