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On Wednesday And Thursday February


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Everyone doesn't like to take a vacation in August and from time to time some news breaks out to activate our neurons. These days there have been a few corporate movements in the Internet advertising sector, to say the least, interesting. On the one hand, Publicis, the third largest advertising group in the world and the first in digital advertising, has paid 540 million dollars for the purchase of the creative agency Razorfish from Microsoft. The interesting thing about the agreement is that it includes a five-year commercial.

Alliance to promote display contracting on Microsoft sites and sponsored searches on Bing. With the grass that its media division moves, we can expect some interesting changes in the destination of the investments, at least as far as email database search  is concerned. Following the agreement that Microsoft signed in July with Yahoo to integrate its search engines, the company led by Steve Ballmer is now taking another step to become an alternative capable of competing with Google's monopoly in the Internet advertising business, but focusing on what it considers its "core business". (Something that has not been bad for Publicis.


According to him he ironizes with this operationRodolfo Carpintier ). Via Loogic we read, on the other hand, that Facebook has bought the social aggregator FriendFeed (it seems that for $50 million). The first impression is that Facebook has acquired a good handful of talent, incorporating into its team engineers who once participated in the development of products such as Gmail and Google Maps and who with FriendFeed launched an impeccable product from a technical point of view, but that they have not been able to monetize. It was coming, due to the statements of Bret Taylor CEO of Friend Feed .

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