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You have definitely met a similar creative at least once. Kak-dyelat'-rozyigryishi-v-instagramye the opinion leader invites people to participate in a contest that gives away something that everyone loves and wants: new iphones, laptops, and even cars. The mechanics are simple: a separate page is created, where you are offered to subscribe to a certain number of accounts, including yours. Depending on the popularity of the star, such a giv can bring up to 100,000 followers.

From you - the purchase of the prize itself and a certain fee for the opinion leader. We at promodo strongly do not recommend bloggers and here's why: kak-provyesti-giv-v-instagram [url=https://www.latestdatabase.com/phone-number-list/]phone number database[/url] rozyigryish instagram-po-kommyentariyam how the instagram smart feed works you've probably heard of instagram's smart feed. So smart that even the ceo of instagram doesn't know exactly how it works. It is known that it is based on ai, and the algorithms are tuned to thousands of different parameters.


In my practice, there was such a story when a client initiated a star giveaway without our knowledge. Another 15,000 were added to the account's existing audience of 10,000 subscribers, but 8,000 of them left immediately after the giva. As a result, we faced a catastrophic drop in reach, likes and comments. The number of likes for new posts decreased. Competition for the best review. Any other creative contest that suits your account.

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