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If you do not issue it on demand a fine. The document must indicate that for employment we use an employment contract, and not an order.Enter the number of the employment contract in the book. In the fourth column of the work book, they put the date and number of the document on the basis of which a person is hired. If there is no order, here you need to enter the number of the employment contract. kocrm main questions about contractors Instruments October Reading time minutes Content Any company has contractors partner contractors for cooperation. They move cargo, repair equipment, deliver goods, and do just about anything.

Any company also has an obligation to check counterparties when concluding an agreement. Now I will tell you who the counterparties are, why and how to check them, and most importantly, what will happen if this is not done. Who is Whatsapp mobile number list a counterparty A counterparty is a natural or legal person with whom a company signs a civil law contract hereinafter referred to as GPCIn simple terms, this is a partner, the one with whom the company works under a contract. Client, supplier of goods, contractor contractors. For example, a supermarket signs a milk supply agreement with a farmer the farmer becomes a counterparty. In ordinary life, this concept is not used, only lawyers and accountants say so.


For Repair Center LLC, the counterparty under the contract is Ceramics Production LLC. Why check the counterparty There are two main purposes for which counterparties are checked. The first is to avoid risk. The company concludes an agreement with a new supplier, sends money to him, but the goods do not arrive or of the goods are sent. Or the store owner turned to a construction company to make repairs in the premises. But the result of the work did not suit the customer, he pointed out the shortcomings to the contractor. But then it turned out that the contractor was at the stage of liquidation and, in general, he had dozens of ships.

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