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Know What Is Marketing Management


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After all what is marketing management? Few people know, but it is a very important area that acts as an ally to the sales team. Commonly, everyone thinks that the sales process starts with the commercial team, however, the reality is that it starts much earlier, with marketing! It is a fact that, if done well, the strategy greatly facilitates the work of the sales team. To know how to do it efficiently, it is necessary to understand what this management is and how to put it into practice. In this article you will see: – what is marketing management; – how to apply in your company; – what are your benefits. Check out! What is marketing management? That a company needs to sell to be considered successful, everyone already knows. 

On the other hand what many people, including entrepreneurs , ignore is the importance of marketing strategies in the sales process. A well-trained commercial team is obviously important, but having good marketing management is equally important. In order to have good management and, above all, success in sales, it is essential USA Phone Number List the team responsible for marketing knows how to deal with market data and generate demand, that is, customers. Management, when done well, facilitates the work of the sales department, reducing the cost of acquiring customers. The objective is to use information about the market and consumers to invest in optimized and assertive actions for the target audience , increasing their interest in the company's products or services. 


How to apply marketing management? Basically, the starting point of marketing management is the market, and the focus is on consumer needs . In sales, the starting point is the factory and the focus is on the product. Both areas always walk side by side and must be in tune for the entire sales process to happen in the best way. If marketing is “the company's customer manufacturing department,” as Philip Kotler so aptly defined it , its function begins before the product itself. That is, she is going to: – analyze what is interesting to be produced; – how to launch; – how to advertise; – how to optimize the conversion; – study the competition; – research market trends; – among other activities. 

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